HUGH HEFNER RABBIT - Label on back says PLAYBOY LIQUOR CADDY1960 by HMH PUB. CO.,Inc. Original Label (see photo)
This seems to be extremely rare, I have researched and have not been able to find any information about it.

He is wearing a Brown Velvet and Satin Tuxedo, ruffled shirt insert and holding the famous pipe that "Hef" is known for.
It was obviously out & exposed to air and light, most likely on someone's bar. He shows some wear. The white of the shirt is discolored and the collar is stained (liquor I presume). The arms and legs are also worn a bit, no tears or rips- just worn away velvet in different areas. Looking at it from afar, you really can't notice any of this.
The body is over a bottle which I have not removed, I think it helps keep the body's shape. It's an old bottle of Seagram's 7-(empty).

The head and face which is the cover for the neck of the bottle is made out of cardboard with some kind of white foam around it.
The ears, arms and legs have some kind of wire inside to help position them. They are very delicate. I don't know if the wire inside is damaged or originally this way. They can still be moved to position a bit, I haven't moved them for fear of breaking.
From the base of the bottle to the top of his head, it is 13".The ears are 6" long

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