Playful Plush Rocking Horse from Chrisha Creations B/W

Up for bids a beautiful little Rocking Horse called the "Playful Plush" by Chrisha Creations, new but without the original box or tagging. The photos are of the specific horse for sale. The horse itself has a stuffed animal type body in a black and white color, covered a very plush fabric, very soft. Our horsey comes complete with a fuzzy mane and tail. The horse has beautiful black eyes and even little hooves. The horse has a bridle and a authentic looking plastic saddle with faux wool trim, very nice. The saddle is attached by plastic bands with snaps. It even has little metal stirrups, very realistic. T are two wooden handle style pegs for youngsters to hold on to when riding. It has real wood rockers with a groove cutout design along the side of them and a varnished finish. The cutest thing about this little horse is that when you press the red button area on the back of it's ear, it makes a clip-clop hoof sound and it whinnies and nays just like a real horse. It's head bobs up and down and it's little tail wags, too. The whole process is absolutely adorable. You can see and hear these actions on the video I have posted on youTube by , so check it out. PLEASE NOTE: While this item is new t are some very minor scuffs and marks in the varnish on the rockers, see photo closeups, probablably occuring during bulk shipment, out

Video link to see and hear the horse sounds and motions: /watch?v=faHhr7xwZ88

We ship to the US only

NC residents must pay 6.75 sales tax.

Returns are accpted, you have 3 days to decide if you wish to keep the horse. The horse must be returned without wear or damage and in the original protective packaging.

Keep in mind, Outgoing shipping is NON-refundable and the buyer is responsible for return shipping.

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