Playmobil Lot #5779, 5746 Skeleton Shipwreck, Treehouse

Playmobil Lot #5779, 5746 Skeleton Shipwreck, Treehouse

Playmobil Lot #5746 and #5779

These are great used sets from Playmobil, known for their quality of work. The lot consists of two sets. One set is complete the other is not. Set #5779 Skeleton Shipwreck was release in 2006, is used and complete. Set #5746 Small Treehouse is not complete. Set #5779 comes with the original box and instructions. This is a great set even though it is small. You get two Pirates (1 has a peg leg), dingy, treasure chest with coinsand jewels, scroll map, pelican, skeleton, and much more. The box is in very good shape. The instructions have playwear, for they have had somthing spilled on the front cover. I tried to clean it as not to cause damage. See our photos for these conditions. Set #5746 was released in 2004 is used and is not complete. The set only has one of the people, some of the accessories, most of the treehouse, hamick, ladder and many trees. This set also comes with the original instructions. The instructions are in very good shape, and do show some wear from play. There is some ruffling the pages. No Box. I have taken pictures of everything that you will receive and you can judge their condition too.

The dates on the Playmobil People are: 1990, 1993 and 1996.

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