*Playmobil Victorian Lot 4 Story Dollhouse Fully Furnished+ Wedding+ Rare Sets++

I am an adult collector who loves collecting Playmobil. I have sold many dollhouses over the years, but this is the best collection I have ever had because it is "Like New". It was given as a gift to an adult collector, assembled, then packed away. This is a huge collection and some of the sets are rare . I have spent countless days and evenings researching each set to be sure it is complete...counting silverware until wee hours of the morning, and having a ball doing so! Notice that the fireplace in Grandfather's Den lights up with fire (battery operated). Please note that several additional sets were added to this original collection. These additional sets, Wedding, Wedding Reception, Fir Trees, Playground, and Noah's Ark, may have been played with. They were purchased later. The expanse of green felt will be included. Currently, it is stapled to 1/2" MDF, but I will remove the felt so you can have a "lawn". Be sure to veiw all 12 photos!

This exceptional dollhouse #5300 includes the additional floor #7411 and both Instruction Manuals . It is complete without the original boxes. No yellowing, odors, or damage. It appears brand new. The mirrors, paintings, staircases, window boxes, gold finials, doorknobs, etc. are in place. Not one flower petal has been lost, but I will include extras in case YOU lose some. I picked it
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