Up for auction is this fabulous 75TH ANNIVERSARY COMMEMORATIVE PORCELAIN TUB from the world famous PLAZA HOTEL in NEW YORK CITY along with a fantastic hard cover book entitled "AT THE PLAZA" by CURTIS GATHJE, which is an illustrated history of the worlds most famous hotel.
I just thought the book belonged with the little porcelain tub. The book originally sold for $35.00!!!! The little tub, well priceless!
These adorable tubs were created to commemorate the 75th Anniversary of the PLAZA HOTEL in NEW YORK CITY. They were placed in the bathrooms holding soaps and other toiletries for that year. Really a rare find! There is nothing like THE PLAZA HOTEL!
The tub has four little feet on the bottom. One side in blue reads "THE PLAZA" and the opposite side reads "1907 - 1982 ------75th ANNIVERSARY" with the PLAZA SYMBOL in the middle.
The little porcelain tub is in good condition with some stains from age, I tried to get them out, it is just in the porcelain and there are natural bumps etc. on the porcelain. Also there is a cracking effect on the tub, I don't know if it was done on purpose to give it a Vintage look or not. I think it looks cool.
It measures 6 7/8" BY 3 1/8"AND 2.5" HEIGHT.
In the book "At The Plaza," the hotel's official historian has compiled a tremendous collection of photographs and
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