Pleasant Company American Girl Doll- Samantha- retired

This listing is for Samantha, and American Girl Historical doll made by Pleasant Company.
The doll is in excellent condition. She can stand on her own, has long strings, and a tan body. Her hair is a little tangled from laying on it in her box for a while in storage. She has Pleasant Company stamped on the back of her neck. Her clothes, stockings, bloomers, hair ribbon, hat, and locket are all in excellent condition. The chain on her small velvet purse is broken, but could easily be repaired. Inside the purse are her handkerchief and penny.
This listing also includes:
-The midi sailor dress, tam, whistle, and button up boots from Samantha Saves the Day. The dress has a few age spots on it. I have not attempted to clean the dress.
-Blue dress and hair bow with white apron and two toned brown boots.
-White slip and garters with white stockings
-School books and pencil case in leather book strap.
-Three books: Meet Samantha, Samantha Saves the Day, and Happy Birthday, Samantha!
I am the original owner of all of these items. I have had them since I was a little girl. Feel free to ask any questions!