Pleasantville 1893 "SACRED HEART RECTORY #1627"

PLEASANTVILLE 1893 - A Storybook Village Pleasantville, population 1173 in the year 1893 (this was an approximation, as little Elizabeth Grey and that sweet Roselynn Blancgard were both due to have babies any day now - and it was rumored that Roselynn might be having twins) was situated just far enough away from any major metropolis to think of itself as one of the major commercial hubs in America. During the winter months, Reynolds Pond became the focal place for all the town's youngsters. They couldn't wait for it to freeze solid so the ice skates could be brought out. it's also a well-known fact that many a romance began during the pairs skating.

SACRED HEART RECTORY Nestled between Mrs. Sadie Baker's home and the home of Methodist Minister Warden stood the ornate Victorian Sacred Heart Rectory, the home of the Very Reverend Robert H. Purcell, The Rectory's beauty lies in its extensive porches and unusual mansard roof, the design inspiration coming from France and suggested by Pleasantville parishioner, Miss Helen Fountain. Father Bob, as he is affectionately known by his parishioners, declared as he welcomed all Pleasantvillers to the dedication of the Rectory and the Church: "Be assured of my best wishes and every blessing as we dedicate this structure to the Glory
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