Plei Djereng MACV Fighting Camp A-251 Vietnam War Laos


Polei Djereng

Polei Kotang

Plei Hep

Plei Ken Ngo

MACV Camp A-251

(from the US Army website...)

"The physical facilities and configuration of the camps underwent a significant change in the course of the year (1966) with the development of first the fighting camp and then the floating camp. The fighting camp was an austere, functional, easily defended camp, which employed the principle of defense in depth. It was designed not as an isolated, walled fortress in the midst of hostile territory, but as a base for extended operations throughout the A detachment tactical area of responsibility. The fighting camp concept was based upon aggressive combat operations backed up by a capability toreinforce rapidly. Both kinds of camps were constructed with locally procured materials and labor at a saving of approximately ten thousand dollars per camp over the previous camp construction costs. The first camp then to be built according to the fighting camp specifications was at Plei Djereng A-251 , Pleiku Province, in II Corps Tactical Zone. Construction was begun on 13 December 1966 by the Special Forces Engineer Team KB-7 of the 539th Engineer Detachment, engineer augmentation for the 5th Special Forces Group. The floating camps were constructed in areas inundated
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