Ploesti , B24,WWII, 98th Bomb Group, Autographed

Good Evening, after a week In Florida,I deceided It's time to get back to listing more of my Ploesti research. I'm done shoveling snow so we go. What I am placing for your consideration are two very rare 8x10 black and white photographs that have originnal autographs. These are not scans, copies, or reproductions but original autographs of the men Involved. The second photo and easiest to describe Is a photo of the Co-Pilots side of the plane autographed by a Ground Crew Mechanic. Not an exciting photo, but rare as It was the lead plane over Ploesti on Aug. 1 1943, Piloted by John "Killer" Kane who received the Medal of Honor for this mission. The primary photo Is of the target and It has been autographed by "Killer" Kane's Navigator, the lead Navigator, Norman Whalen, first wave over the target for the 98th Bomb Group. The photo Is 8x10 but the Image Is 7-1/2" wide by 6-3/4 tall. This photo was taken In the thick of the action from the B-24 "Nightmare" Piloted by Julian Bleyer. If you look closly you can see the 24's of flight four. Six b-24's can be seen at the top of the photo, one In the upper right appears to have been hit. The original photo was provided to me by Frank Beauregard, Waist Gunner on "NightMare" The photo was taken by Jerry Joswick, the only trained motion picture cameraman to fly In Operation Tidal Wave. Other

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