Plumb Barbara ( Plumb Bob ) Anna ?

I have this neat tool

Fathers day is coming

Plumb Barbara

12 oz ( plumb Bob )

She is still in her original Container

appears to be a nude Lady

* one just sold on eBay for $125.oo used & missing parts on 3-25-07

MINE is NEW in Package

Solid Brass with stainless steel tip

Custom Calibrated

for Ultimate Accuracy

I also have

Plumb Brandi

She has

short shorts and a top

in my eBay store

DrRace55 eBay Store

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From Texas

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OK for some folks who LEAVE

the packages at Post office, or have moved

and they get Returned to ME

I WILL NOT REFUND YOUR $$ and you will pay the

EXTRA Shipping CHARGES to get it

**Please contact me with any questions and thanks for looking.

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