PLUS SIZE vintage SARI SILK wrap SKIRT mauve sun DRESS

PLUS SIZE vintage SARI SILK wrap SKIRT mauve sun DRESS

ECO-green is fashionable! Trendy and Versatile skirts made of gorgeous silk fabric from vintage saris imported from India!

Recommended for sizes 14+ (max is probably a 50" waist, so it fits almost all large women)

This lovely skirt/dress is made of two SOFT silk layers. The shorter layer has a khaki background and floral design with thick horizontal lines of underlying mauve. The longer layer is a solid pink mauve burnished to a high sheen and has a couple embroidered flowers.

The ties are thick and wide with have three stiched "holes" to aid the creativity of the wearer. This skirt/dress is fairly long (36"), is 60" across, and it can be wrapped many times as well as just once for larger women.

It is FREE SIZED, which is Perfect for Pregnant Women! This will fit you your entire pregnancy, even if you are a larger woman.

A cool iron can easily remove the creases from being folded.

handwash only

This is a one of a kind item made from vintage Grade A silk sari fabric from India.

It has two layers of different fabric that are sewn in a unique way to allow for over a 100 ways to wear .

No two skirts are alike! If you like this wrap, buy now, because t isn't another like it!!

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