PMI PIRANHA R6,Used, Black, extras, spare parts, barrel

The Piranhas from PMI are one of the best markers you can start with. T price is right, the features are better than some markers double its price, and they are reliable. Each R-6 features:
- Semi - Auto Grip Frame (upgradeable to Electronic at any time) - 10+ Balls Per Second! - Powered by either Co2 or N2
- Interchangeable threaded aluminum barrel (take common Spyder threaded barrels!) - Corrosion-resistant, aerospace grade aluminum with wear resistant Teflon finish on all internal parts. These are not some cheap plastic piece of junk. They're made to be played hard with!
- Vertical Feed

Marker is has been only used about 5 times. I just installed new PMI soft grips. All O-rings and springs were replaced in March 09'. Fast USPS Priority Mail shipping.

Also included are:

2 Barrels - One 9" and one 14"

1 Extreme Rage 200 round hopper

1 Manual

1 JT barrel condom

Original grips with screws

5 Spare hammer springs, 3 blue, 1 white, 1 red

3 Spare valve springs

3 Spare valve cup seal assemblies

2 Spare field strip pins

5 Allen wrenches - every size needed

4 Spare ball detents

Spare O-Rings and screws

Extra PMI grip decals

*Use BUY IT NOW and I'll throw in a 20oz CO2 tank*