POC Iris X Snow Goggles Newest Model (Medium)

Double lens goggles with splendid optical qualities for those who demand good vision and durability in any situation. In principle, Iris X will never steam up, even with major changes in humidity and temperature. Lenses are anti-fog and anti-scratch treated. The ultimate lens which reacts to changes in light conditions. From flat light to sunny conditions.
Double lens bronze/blue mirror VLT 204. Brown base tint with a blue reflective coating, good allaround/sunny conditions.
These goggles look great and have only been used once (bought them 2 weeks ago for a weekend snow trip - cost $130), they are in immaculate condition and include the original bag.
Size = Medium (adjustable)
If you have any questions, or would like to see more pictures please email me, and check my other auctions for a couple other good winter items!
Thanks for looking!

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