Pokemon 2000 Kanto League Badges & RARE Battle Booklet

Complete Set! 8 Badges w the RARE EARTH BADGE &
the Ultra Rare 2000 League Badge Booklet!
Complete Set! 8 Badges & 12 Promos! RARE EARTH BADGE

HERE IT IS! THE KANTO POKEMON BADGES 2000 SET OF 8 badges from the first pokemon season a loooooong time ago! New in their packages...MINT/ Sealed.. .THERE ARE NO MORE OF THESE BADGES IN LEAGUE!! So these League Badges are a thing of the past, and will just get harder to find as time goes on!! So get them now WITH these cool Promos! That's a Complete Set League Badges PLUS the Ultra Rare Battle Badge Booklet! ( 8 badges total!) Wow !. THIS AUCTION INCLUDES THE VERY RARE EARTH / LEAF BADGE! AND THIS AUCTION INCLUDES THE VERY RARE 2000 BATTLE BADGE BOOKLET..(very rare..the other one on auction is like $80 "used"!) This one is NEW never used! Shipping $6 USA Priority ship. International $9 airmail ship. Thanks...!

Rare 2000 Kanto League Badge Booklet Included in this auction!

Pokemon League 1999/2000 Kanto/Indigo Season:
Pewter City - Brock's Boulder Badge
Cerulean City - Misty's Cascade Badge
Vermillion City - Lt. Surge's Thunder Badge
Celadon City - Erika's Rainbow Badge
Fuchsia City - Koga's Soul Badge
Saffron City - Sabrina's Marsh Badge
Cinnabar Island - Blaine's Volcano Badge
Viridian City - Giovanni's Earth
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