Pokemon 58 Cards Holofoils Promos Rares Base EX Sets

Welcome to my Auction!

Lot #1. This is a listing for a lot of random Pokemon Trading Cards. T is no reserve, and with the exception of 1 Japanese Holofoil as noted below all of the cards you will recieve will be English unless the winner requests otherwise. In each lot, you are guaranteed :

4 Holofoil/Reverse Holofoil Cards (3 English, 1 Japanese) 2 Black Star Rare Cards 2 Non-Holo Promo Cards 50 Uncommon/Common Cards

T will be no duplicates - no two identical cards from any single set will be included in your lot, holofoils and promos included. Some cards might be 1st edition . T will be NO trainer cards and NO energies, unless the winner of the auction specifies that they would prefer otherwise (at which point the winner should note on their payment or send me a message prior to payment saying how many energies or trainers they would like in their lot). The winner should also specify if they would prefer their random Common/Uncommon cards to be Japanese, otherwise they will be English.

The selection from which this lot is being drawn spans almost every single released Pokemon Card set, ranging from those which have been out of print for years to the newly released EX sets. Sets that might be included in your lot:




Team Rocket

Base 2

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