Pokemon Animation Anime Cel W/Douga - Team Rocket's Meowth - Framed!

Up for auction here is a animation cel from my personal collection from the Japanese animation TV show "Pokemon".
It features Team Rocket's Pokemon Meowth holding a remote control in his paws.
The cel has been framed but nothing has been cut, clipped or trimmed (nothing done by me myself at least - if it was trimmed before I owned it, I do not know although it doesn't look like it). The cel is not touching the glass of the frame (it is matted with a black matte).
The cel also comes with the douga which is stored in a paper envelope on the back of the frame.
The cel is not stuck to the background. I cannot confirm if the background is matching or original, but it seems like it could be an original background piece (I have no idea if it is matched or not, sorry).
I don't know which specific episode this is from, but there are markings on the cel and background which can hopefully help you figure it out.
The markings on the background read: C - 168 - 185 - IP3 followed by 227 - 205
The cel has the marking of "A14".
The cel, in my opinion, is in pretty good condition. There are some lines of wear (mainly around the tail, but no discoloring or significant areas missing coloring or hard lines). I have included close-up photos of all areas of the cel so you can see for yourself.
Pokemon cels are incredibly
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