Pokemon Base Set 1 Sealed booster box ..36 packs, 1998

These are fresh from a case owned by a former direct distributor for Wizards of The Coast

This has the Green Wing Charizard on the side of the box ...

more pictures on request

This box ships Priority Mail to USA and Express Mail Worldwide.. signature confirmation

The Base Set , released on December 12 1998, is the 1st set of 102 cards in the Pokémon Trading Card Game and the only one so far not to have a set logo or symbol. It is one of few sets to include Fighting, Fire, Grass, Lightning, Psychic and Water Energy cards, now commonly known as basic Energy cards . The set also contained Double Colorless Energy, the first Special Energy card . The set is one of the more well-rounded sets available, with a mixed amount of Pokémon of all types, and includes Pokémon that were more popular at the time of release, such as Charizard , Blastoise , Venusaur and Pikach u.

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