Pokemon Basic, Fossil and Dark sets complete

Ok guys this will be a steal but as i have no use for the cards and i do not want to list them individually then im doing them as one big bulk
I have the full sets of Basic, Fossil and Dark pokemon cards and i will throw in a massive 400+ extra cards these range from shiny's and rare's to a number of common and uncommon cards and includes some ultra rare promo cards
I can send pictures of any of the sets or binders you like but as i said there are 3 full sets and 400+ cards so im not going to photograph them all
these have been in binders all their lives and are in near mint condition, they will come in the binders they have been in which as you can see from the pictures all have their own sleeves
any questions feel free to email me and i will do my best to answer them the best i can, please do bear in mind these were my nephews cards and not mine so im no expert on pokemon but i will answer whatever i can