If you buy this you will get three blue pocket protecters and a original charmander charmeleon and a very rare charizard . They are all American cards. It is all three evolve forms of charmander.

Charmander thas a scratch attach that is 10hp points. Its hp is 50 or life. It also has a stronger ember attack that hits 30hp points.

Charmeleon has 80hp or life. He of she has a slash attack that hits 30hp points. His or Her stongest attack is a flamethrower wich hits 50hp points.

Charizard is the best of these three. It has 120hp or life. Its strongest attack is a fire spin wich hits a deadly blow to its opponent, destroying 100hp point of heath.

Hp means heath points.

These are great cards so feel free to buy of bid thank you for your time.