Pokemon Card Lot of 48 Holographic Varied Sets, Venusaur

Lot contains 48 Pokemon holographic cards from my childhood. Cards are in varying condition - most have some scratches on them - they were played with a LOT around 10 years ago. Please see pictures for card condition.

Here's the complete list:

Hitmonchan x1

Machamp 1 st Edition x4

Venusaur x2

Venusaur Base Set 2 x1

Bisaflor (German Venusaur) 1 st Edition x1

Dark Weezing Team Rocket x1

Scyther Base Set 2 x1

Muk Fossil x1

Nidoking x1

Nidoqueen Base Set 2 x1

Pinsir Jungle x1

Heracross x1

Dark Arbok Team Rocket x1

Magneton Base Set 2 x1

Magneton x1

Mageneton Fossil x1

Zapdos Fossil x1

Electrode Jungle x1

Dark Raichu Team Rocket x1

Raichu x1

Hypno Fossil x1

Alakazam x1

Alakazam Base Set 2 x1

Mewtwo x1

Misty’s Tentacruel x1

Gyrados Base Set 2 x1

Gyrados x1

Vaporeon Jungle x1

Poliwrath x1

Lapras Fossil x1

Articuno Fossil x1

Moltres Fossil x1

Entei Promo x1

Typhlosion x1

Ninetales x1

Ninetales Base Set 2 x1

Clefable Base Set 2 x1

Ditto Fossil x1

Chansey Base Set 2 x2

Wigglytuff Base Set 2 x1

Kangaskhan Jungle x1

Meowth Promo x1

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