Pokemon card collection (46 Cards & Collectors album)

In excellent condition, clean and complete with 40 pocket collectors album.

Collection consists of-

Holo-foil - Kangaskahn (Jungle), Clefable (Jungle), Pidgeot (Jungle), Vileplume (Jungle), Victreebel (Jungle), Venomoth (Jungle), Dark Weezing (Rocket), Dark Golbat (Rocket), Dark Arbok (Rocket), Gyarados (Base 1), Vaporeon (Jungle), Azumarill (Neo Destiny), Ninetales (Base 1), Zapdos (Fossil), Dark Magneton (Rocket), Dark Slowbro (Rocket), Aerodactyl (Fossil), Trainer: Rocket's Sneak Attack (Rocket) & Rainbow energy (Rocket).

Non-holo - Kangaskahn (Jungle), Ditto (Fossil), Pidgeotto (Base 1), Dragonite (Fossil), Pidgeot (Jungle), Beedrill(Base 1), Clefable (Jungle), Dragonair (Base 1), Dark Arbok (Rocket), Butterfree (Neo Discovery), Victreebel (Jungle), Dark Vileplume (Rocket), Electrode (Base 1), Jolteon (Jungle), Electabuzz (Base 1), Dark Omaster (Neo Genesis), Dark Magneton (Rocket), Zapdos (Fossil), Mr. Mime (Jungle), Hypno (Fossil), Dark Slowbro (Rocket), Haunter (Fossil), Unown A (Neo Discovery), Dugtrio (Base 1), Dark Dugtrio (Rocket), Aerodactyl (Fossil/1st edition) & Magnemite (Neo Discovery).

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