Pokemon Cards Complete Original Set 151/150 First Gen 30 HOLOS All Trainers Rare

This listing is for a HUGE collection of First (1st) Generation Pokemon cards. The lot includes cards from the Base set, Jungle set, Fossil set, and Base set 2. There are 30 Holographic cards and many rare cards. This set includes all of the Trainer cards from the First Generation. The cards range from played to excellent condition.

Please feel free to message me with any questions!

**Purchase now and receive 5 Bonus Japanese Holographic cards**

International buyers are welcome!

Shipping will be via USPS Priority Mail within the United States, and First Class International for any items shipped outside the United States.


1. Bulbasaur Base set

2. Ivysaur Base set

3. Venusaur Base set Rare Holo

4. Charmander Base set

5. Charmeleon Base set

6. Charizard Base set Rare Holo

7. Squirtle Base set

8. Wartortle Base set

9. Blastoise Base set Rare Holo

10. Caterpie Base set

11. Metapod Base set

12. Butterfree Jungle set

13. Weedle Base set

14. Kakuna Base set

15. Beedrill Base set Rare

16. Pidgey Base set

17. Pidgeotto Base set Rare

18. Pidgeot Jungle Rare Holo

19. Rattata Base set

20. Raticate Base set 2

21. Spearow Jungle

22. Fearow Jungle

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