POKEMON CARDS!! HUGE LOT OF 922!! 72 HOLOS!! 5 First Edition, 77 Delta Species

I am selling a lot of 922 Pokemon cards! They include 72 holos, including DarkraiLevel X and Walrein EX. I also have 5First Edition cards, which are: Shellder, Machop, Mankey, Ekans, and Ponyta. In addition, I have 15 cards that have an owner (such as Brock’s Geodude or Team Galactic’s Forrtress). I have 2 cards that are holding an item, and 77 Delta Species cards, with some duplicates. I have 4 trainer cards including one supporter card. Lastly, I have 747 common cards, with some duplicates.

These cards are in very good condition. Most of them have been stored in plastic display sleeves and show little to no sign of wear. Some of the cards have light scratches on them, but most of the scratches are only noticeable if viewed in a certain light at a certain angle.

These cards have been cared for and come from a non-smoking home. Quick free shipping upon quick pay! See my perfect feedback and .