pokemon cards UK Fossil Incomplete Collection Including Some Holos And 32 - 62

Collection includes following cards

Haunter rare 6/62 holo near mint

Lapras rare 10/62 holo near mint

Muk rare 13/62 holo near mint

Aerodactyl rare 16/62 near mint

Dragonite rare 19/62 near mint

Haunted rare 21/62 near mint

Hypno rare 23/62 near mint

Arbok uncommon 31/62 near mint �

Cloyster uncommon 32/62 near mint �

Gastly uncommon 33/62 near mint

Golbat uncommon 34/62 near mint

Avalanche uncommon 36/62 near mint

37 through to 62 complete


Graveller, Kingler, Magmar, Omastar, Sandslash, Seadra, slowbro, tentacruel, wheezing �

All standard common cards included.

These are mine and my sisters childhood collection never played with. �