Pokemon - Near Complete Jungle Set HOLO - Flareon Jolteon mr. mime scyther

Hello, this lot is for several of the Jungle Set cards. I have most of the holos included in this lot, I am only missing pidgeot, pinsir, and victreebel.
IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS, PLEASE ASK ME! I can always take more photos
All the cards are generally in LP-Played condition. There are a few that I believe are better than that.
Vaporeon : NM There is very light scratching, but overall very solid quality. Edge wear is literally like 1-2 little dots. Venemoth : Not quite as nice as Vaporeon. Scratching is a little more evident, but edge wear is on the same level. Flareon : In between those two. Scratching might be less visible due to its coloration, but it looks pretty. Edge wear is the same as both.
Honorable Mentions Wigglytuff : a little bit more scratching, but still appealing and the holo is very vibrant. Jolteon: is honorable in the wrong direction. This card is rough. NO creasing, but there is significant scratching and wear on the card as a whole.
The rest of the cards are all fairly reasonable, I'd rate them as LP-Excellent condition. You should be able to insinuate the condition of the rest from the photos. They are all about the same.
I always handle my cards and shipping processes with care. You will have Tracking with the package and it will come in a bubble wrap package. Inside, the cards will be
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