POKER CHIPs TRICKS 5 DVD Deal. Trick the Table No Book


5 DVDs (4 By Ferguson, 1 by Esfandiari)

Dazzle Your Friends and Competitors

Both DVDs are Brand New and SEALED!

Both Esfandiari and Ferguson in this Auction!

The 2 Best known names in the Chip Tricks Business!

Learn how to perform Poker Chip Tricks from both of these Chip Masters!

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A discussion about the dvds are listed below:

Rich Ferguson:

Rich Ferguson is known around the world for his originality and unique approach to cards, chips and more. This series of DVDs will help your table image immensly. T are so many tricks in this series of DVDs that no one at the table will be able to match your handling skills.

are the DVDs in the set:

The Official Chip Tricks DVD

This one DVD will show you 70 chip tricks in live action. are the chip tricks that you will learn:

Shuffle... Pullover... Push Down Shuffle ...Short Shuffle ...Un-shuffle ...Butterfly ...Fat Butterfly ...Roll Down ...Butterfly Balance ...Butterfly Collapse ...Rebound Stack ...Peacock ...Double Butterfly ...S-Fan ...Galaxy
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