POKER DOGS Prints Coolidge set of 4 GC c.1910


You are viewing a beautiful vintage set of 4 prints by the famous artist C.M. Coolidge. Coolidge is of course most know for his humorous series of prints depicting dogs playing poker. These images are world famous and were found on the walls of taverns, dens, garages, pool rooms, barbershops and homes across America. The prints are plate signed by the artist and are published by Arthur A. Kaplan CO., Inc. NYC. who published this series of prints in the 1910 and were printed by Brown & Bigelow Div of Standard Packaging Corpl, USA.

Dogs Playing Poker refers collectively to a series of sixteen oil paintings by C. M. Coolidge , commissioned in 1903 by Brown & Bigelow to advertise cigars. [1 ] All the paintings in the series feature anthropomorphized dogs, but the nine in which dogs are seated around a card table have become derisively well-known in the United States as examples of mainly working-class taste in home decoration. Critic Annette Ferrara describes Dogs Playing Poker as "indelibly burned into ... the American collective- schlock subconscious ... through incessant reproduction on all manner of pop ephemera ."

The titles in the "Dogs Playing Poker" series proper are:

A Bold Bluff (originally titled Judge St. Bernard Stands Pat on Nothing )[ 3] A Friend in Need His Station
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