Poker Genie Home Tournament Manager Pro Edition

Poker Genie Home Tournament Manager Pro Edition

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The POKER GENIE- Pro Edition

The ULTIMATE Home Poker Tournament Manager

Your Poker Genie comes with a quick start guide on the back, as well as an instruction manual, and 110v / 240v power supply allowing it to operate in any international region. The Poker Genie is a poker tournament clock that electronically displays the time remaining in the current blinds level, the ante and the small and big blinds. It is a hardware-based blind timer that will also help set up your poker tournament. The Poker Genie will automatically calculate your blind schedule and tell you how many chips of each color to issue each player. It will estimate how long your tournament should last and ... it does all this within a minute or two!

You can also use The Poker Genie to display your own custom blind schedule. You can enter your own blinds, antes, and level lengths, allowing more experienced players to use The Poker Genie as an excellent wall-timer that displays the blinds and antes. No more "How much time is left?" or "What is the big blind?" questions!

With a durable plastic construction this unit measures 6x4x1, with a display visible for up to 40 ft including angles!

Ready to Use out of the Box! The Poker Genie comes with everything
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