Poland 1948 2 Zlote Banknote P-124 "UNC" #1778

Country: Poland
Narodowy Bank Polski Denomination:
2 Zlote Dated: 1948 Reference: P-124 Description

We would grade this note as in Uncirculated condition.

Member American Numismatic Association . PMG Authorized Dealer.
UNCIRCULATED (UNC) : A perfectly preserved note, never mishandled by the issuing authority, a bank tell, the public or a collector. The paper is clean and firm, without discoloration. Corners are sharp and square without any evidence of rounding. (Rounded corners are often a tell-tale sign of a cleaned or "doctored" note.)
ABOUT UNCIRCULATED (AU) : A virtually perfect note, with some minor handling. May show very slight evidence of bank counting folds at a corner or one light fold through the center, but not both. An AU note can not be creased, a crease being a hard fold which has usually "broken" the surface of the note. Paper is clean and bright with original sheen. Corners are not rounded.
EXTREMELY FINE (EF/XF) : A very attractive note, with light handling. May have a maximum of three light folds or one strong crease. Paper is clean and bright with original sheen. Corners may show only the slightest evidence of rounding. There may also be the slightest sign of wear where a fold meets the edge.
VERY FINE (VF) : An attractive note, but with more evidence of handling and wear.
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