Poland collection

This is a nice clean collection from Poland. There 169 pages with about 2000 stamps. I looked thru it breifly and found some $20 stamps. The first 5 pages cat value was over a $100. There are some better stamps in this collection. I bought it about 6 years ago and i need the money so I'm letting it go for a lot less than i paid for it. Hopefully someone else will get some enjoyment from this collection.

If you would like I can strip the stamps from the pages if you do not wnat them or you want to save on S&H.

I try to offer pages of good clean, sound stamps that are are in good to to excellent condition. Some stamps are MNH and most are used or a combination of both. As with many old stamps there are going to be stamps with the occasional fault here and there. I try to offer stamps from pre 1940 with many stamps being from the 1800's. Overall my auctions are comprized of stamps that I have collected myself and are selling. I try to keep the lots as interesting, valueable, and collectable as possible.

Thanks for looking.