Poland / Polish cavalry / lancer pennant collar badges

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Poland / Polish cavalry / lancer pennant collar badges

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Polish Cavalry

During the invasion of Poland in 1939 cavalry was 10% of the Polish army. Cavalry units were organised in 11 cavalry brigades, each composed of 3 to 4 cavalry regiments with organic artillery, armoured unit and infantry battalion. Two additional brigades had recently been converted to motorized and armoured units, but they retained their cavalry traditions. In addition, every infantry division had an organic cavalry detachment used for reconnaissance.

In contrast with its traditional role in armed conflicts of the past (even in the Polish-Bolshevik War ), the cavalry was no longer seen as a unit capable of breaking through enemy lines. Instead, it was used as a mobile reserve of the Polish armies and was using mostly infantry tactics: the soldiers dismounted before the battle and fought as a standard (yet fast) infantry. Despite media reports of the time, particularly in respect of the Battle of Krojanty , no cavalry charges were made by the Polish Cavalry against German tanks. [3]

Although the cavalrymen retained their sabres , after 1937 the lance was dropped and it was issued to cavalrymen as a weapon of choice only. Instead, the cavalry
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