Poland Polish Order Medal WHITE EAGLE STAR

Order of the White Eagle Star, measurements 3 x 3 in. ( 78 x 78 mm.) I sell just star. JUST STAR, my 3-rd picture is for illustration of the SET.(Order Orla Bialego) INFO: This order is believed to have been created by king Ladislas the Short in 1325, on the occassion of the wedding of his son, later king Casimir the Great. However it was officially instituted in 1705 by Augustus II (the Strong), King of Poland and Kurfürst of Saxony. It had initially the form of the oval red enameled medal, replaced by the cross in 1709 and worn from the neck, and from 1713 on the sash and with a star. Abolished 1793 after the third partition of Poland and renewed many times. The highest decoration of Poland before partitions, of the Grand Duchy of Warsaw (1807-1815) and Kingdom of Poland (1815-1831). After the defeat of the uprising of 1830 it was altered and included in the Russian award system, w it remained until the communist revolution of 1917. Revived in independent Poland by act of Parliament of February 4, 1921 as the highest award. Not conferred by the communist government after WWII (although never officially discontinued) was continued to be awarded by the President in Exile. Reestablished by Act of Parliament of October 16, 1992 as the uppermost Polish award. Conferred in a single class (GC) on both Polish citizens and foreigners, for ... read more