Poland WWII 21.X.1915 P.C. From Zloczow w/ Austrian Feldpost Canc.

Poland WWII 21.X.1915 P.C. From
Zloczow w/ Austrian Feldpost Canc.


See above picture for actual postcard you will be receiving.

Postal history has become a philatelic collecting speciality in its own right. Whereas philately is concerned with the study of the stamps per se, including the technical aspects of stamp production and distribution, philatelic postal history refers to stamps as historical documents; similarly re postmarks, postcards, envelopes and the letters they contain.

Postal history can include the study of postal rates, postal policy, postal administration, political effects on postal systems, postal surveillance and the consequences of politics, business, and culture on postal systems; basically anything to do with the function of the collection, transportation and delivery of mail. The specialized area of philatelic history defines postal history as the study of rates charged, routes followed and special handling of letters. Areas of special interest include disrupted or transitional periods, such as wars and military occupations, and mail to remote areas.

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