Polar Bear Oaxaca Wood Carving Armando Jimenez Oaxacan

Polar Bear Wood Carving from Oaxaca Mexico
Approximate measurements: 7" x 14" Don't miss your chance to own this Polar Bear wood carving, complete with removable fish! This piece was hand carved by world renown artisan Armando Jimenez of Arrazola, Mexico. Armando is the grandson of Master Carver Manuel Jimenez, who is credited with starting the whole woodcarving movement in the Valley of Oaxaca. Many people have come to know these pieces also as alebrijes, although this term originally referred to the paper mache creations of the Linares Family in Mexico City. It is easy to see the family history presented in the carvings of Armando Jimenez, as well as those of his brother Moises, but it is also evident that this generation of woodcarvers is adding their own special creativity to their designs. The Jimenez brothers are proud to demonstrate that they have included other figures not typical of other carvers, as is obvious with this adorable Polar Bear. We know that you will adore this fantastic and unusual carving, and it will be a welcome addition to any collection. One of our favorite parts of the experience of hand selecting these works of art, is seeing how these traditions and art forms are passed on within the same family and villages. When purchasing items, we go direct to the artisan whenever possible, and see these art
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