Polaroid 180 Serial # BU 295527 camera Electronic Flash Head #360

I've included a number of photos in this listing as well as a photo of the original letter signed by Richard and dated February 18, 2000. The letter is included in the sale. Collectors interested in the Polaroid camera in the early Polaroid cameras will find this is a one-of-a-kind and appears to still be workable. I have not tried to find any film to test the camera but have been told it was in working condition.

This Polaroid 180 camera is quite unique. Owned by Richard Goeselt while working at the Polaroid Corporation as Dir. of quality control for the camera division he had the occasion to take hundreds of photos in order to check quality of the film under conditions similar to those the ordinary consumer would encounter. The camera at that time used flashbulbs and because of the nature of his position he was using a large number of bulbs. Richard had a technician in the Polaroid company develop a 180 camera to accept a Polaroid electronic flash number 365, which ordinarily is not designed for the 180 and could not be used with other 180 cameras. This was all done strictly within the Polaroid company. Since the camera had been modified to accept the rechargeable flash it is not considered new and could not be sold. It was given to Richard's brother-in-law for use by his children. Richard thought the camera had disappeared
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