Polaroid Instant Film SX-70 OneStep Sonar Autofocus +Product User Manual TESTED

Here we have a great used Vintage "Polaroid SX-70 Instant Film Land Camera Sonar OneStep (Autofocus) with Original Product User Manual & Quick reference User Guide (with visible wear & marks) - (See all photos as we gave you a lot to look at). .... Film TESTED. Camera ID# 5D945335970 " . This model has the Autofocus switch option so that you can use manual focus or you can switch to the sonar for Autofocus - Tested and both worked great.. Ac tual Camera & Items in photo's. Keep in mind that these camera's were made back in the 1970's, are Vintage items and should be considered prior to purchase. This is in very good condition, but it is used and shows some mild signs of usage wear and heavier marks nicks & a small dent on one section on the side (See last close-up photo) - This has no operation impact to the camera. Bellows are great and hole free. Opens and closes great. Rollers clean and roll free... Fully Tested with Polaroid Film. The skin cover still looks very good. I replaced the skin on my Polaroid SLR and it took about 25 minutes and it looks great - Replacement skins with various designs can be located online and ebay from several difference sources/vendors if you really want to upgrade the look. Does not come with Film or anything not in the photo's.

The Newest & Freshest Instant SX-70 Film can
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