This camera comes with the original soft carry case and one flash bar.

ABOUT THE CAMERA: This is the iconic Polaroid SX-70 OneStep camera that helped to inspire Instagram. In fact, Instagram's App logo is a direct play on this vintage camera.
This little camera is both highly collectible and usable. It was one of the first instant film cameras designed and produced by Polaroid in their now highly familiar "box" type format. It was first released in the mid 1970's.
The camera shoots original Polaroid SX-70 integrated instant film as well as compatible film now being manufactured by the good folks at The Impossible Project (TIP). The pictures produced are all one of a kind, vintage style, self-developing photos in the classic square format with the white border that everyone immediately knows as a "Polaroid".
SX-70 was the original Polaroid integrated instant film format, and precursor to Polaroid 600 film. It was considered a groundbreaking achievement in its day. The more modern Polaroid 600 film is the most popular instant film format of all time. SX-70 and 600 film formats are identical in all regards accept for their light sensitivity. SX-70 film is roughly 125 ASA, while 600 films is roughly 680 ASA. It is even possible to use 600 format film in SX-70 cameras in combination with a neutral density (ND) filter.
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