Polaroid SX-70 Land Camera Sonar One Step

SX-70 Land Camera
Sonar One Step

These are photos of the actual items in this auction.

This Polaroid SX-70 is in very good condition. There are no dents, cracks, or large scratches,

The black leather covering is in good shape throughout.

The metal parts look very good, just some light marks from normal handling.

The AF sensor is in a plastic housing. It is also very good with just normal handeling marks.

The viewfinder is clean and clear with just a few specks of dust.

The lens is also clean and clear but I can see a few specks of dust in there too. I don't think they would effect the image though.

The camera opens the way it should and snaps closed tightly.

The film door closes tight.

I don't have any film to try the camera, but I do have a used up film pack that still has a good enough battery
to test the functionality of the camera, and it seems to be working fine.

When I first insert the used filmpack into the camera, the motor (thinking it's a fresh film pack) trys to eject the paper film cover.
Pressing the shutter button lightly activates the auto focus. it works very well. (you can also manually focus if you like)
Then when I "take a picture" you hear and feel the mirror flipping up (like in a regular SLR)
then I see the

There is nothing else included with the camera.

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