Polaroid Type 57 4X5 Land Film

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I am out of my element here, I know very little about old Polaroid film but here is what I have. A opened outer box but a new sealed container of Polaroid type 57 20exp film high speed film asa 3000. Has a small white box that appears to have some type of containers in it. (developing fluid?) The exp date on the box reads Feb 84. There you have it, any questions that the answers can be found written on the box or foil I will be glad to pass on.

Film is NOT dead, it still renders some of the highest quality images ever produced as long as the photographer does their job. How long digital images will hold their sharpness and color/contrast remains to be seen. And digital cameras are subject to "noise" electronic derogation of the final image. (depends on camera ISO setting etc.) Film images over 100 years old still continue to educate and bring enjoyment to people long after the person behind the camera is no longer around. Enjoy the chance to use a film camera to record your memories that will be around for a long long time!

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