This is a brand new real professional latent fingerprinting kit as used by many police departments and the government CSI. Made by CRIMINAL RESEARCH PRODUCTS INC. (CRP) of Conshohocken Pa. The Kit is in a hard case with a place for everything and everything in its' place. This is one of the best kits on the market. It includes light and dark latent fingerprint powder, transparent print lifting tape, light and dark magnetic latent fingerprint powder, tape measure, self-adhesive evidence marking tape, fingerprint ink pad, powerful magnifying glass, pocket flashlight, two powder dusting brushes, one retractable pencil magnet, one pair scissors, memo pad, photogenic 6 inch tape, individual hand print sheets, state and national fingerprint record sheets, two boxes hinged fingerprint lifters, two packages of contrast sheets for viewing prints, one package of ink remover towelettes and one twelve page instruction and technical information booklet. This is all packaged in a nice 15 x 9 x 5 inch hard briefcase-type carrying case with a card clamp on the top for taking prints at the scene. If you are a working Police Investigator or just an avid collector of Police memorabilia, or even just a CSI fan, don't miss out on this one. This unit is brand new, I just took it out of its' protective wrapper for the photos, Winner to pay for S&H. ... read more