Policeman Police Cop Piggy Pig Bank Ceramic XLG UNIQUE!

is a very large, fun and wonderful policeman piggy bank who is sure to guard your money! See below for size and dimensions. He is hand painted in his dress blues and is complete with handcuffs, night stick, revolver, radio, badge and hat. He would make a wonderful Christmas gift!! My Piggy Banks are all very large and this is a great feature as piggy banks are not found as often in this size. They measure 10 1/2" tall by 8" wide by 9 1/2" long! Plenty of room in t to hold lots and lots of money!!! T is no need to break the bank to get the money either! Pigs have a rubber stopper in thier underside for easy coin release and the coin slot is located on the top by the handle. All of my piggies are completely original. They are designed, hand painted and fired by me in my studio. No two piggies are ever totally alike. Each themed Piggy Bank has several smaller 3 dimensional pottery pieces that are all individually crafted and painted by me and then attatched to the Piggy. I offer many wonderful piggy banks to you including boys sport themed Piggy Banks and Ladybug, Bumble Bee, Pirate,Garden Butterfly, Cop, Fireman,Diva And ocean Piggy Banks as well. Please check out these other unique creations!