Polish TKS tankette with MG 25mm WW2 1939 1/35 scale plastic model kit. NEW

TKS tankette with MG 25MM

The TKS prototype nr. 1160 - note the TK-3 suspension, wz.30 (Browning) machine gun, a high muffler and lack of a periscope
In 1933 there started works upon an improved tankette model. The main designer became Edward Habich (after Maj. Trzeciak's death). The new model was generally based upon TK-3 design, but only few parts remained interchangeable. First of all, a hull shape was changed and armour made a bit thicker to increase protection against bullets, and to give a driver a better view. The Ford A engine was replaced with Polski FIAT-122, with a new drive gear. The suspension was strengthened and tracks made 3 cm wider for better traction. The machine gun was mounted in an universal ball mounting with telescopic sights. In a course of production, a significant improvement was a modern reversible periscope for a commander, that enabled all around observation (it was the Polish invention of Rudolf Gundlach(W), next sold to Vickers-Armstrong company and popularized in the world as Tank Periscope Mk.IV (W)). The driver was given a simple periscope in his vision slot. The prototype TKS was converted of one of "iron" TK-3s, nr. 1160, and completed on 1 April 1933. The tank was first designated STK ('special TK'), finally TKS, in documents also written as TK-S. It was also officially designated
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