Polished Orbicular Ocean Jasper from Madagascar


Ocean Jasper is a form of Orbicular Jasper found only in Madagascar.

Ocean Jasper has a fascinating history.

In the early 1920s a few pieces of this unusual stone filtered out of Madagascar into the European mineral market, but no-one seemed to know w in Madagascar the deposit actually was. The locality given was a town called "Katamby". Unfortunately, small villages in Madagascar were regularly built and then abandoned as nearby farming lands were worked out. T was no longer any village by that name, and no one knew w it had been.

In the 1950s a prospector stumbled across the deposit and brought a few pieces back, but then could not rememer w he had found them.

The location remained lost.

In the late 1990s, a Frenchman living in Madagascar became determined to find the spot. He organized a search by boat of the coast, stopping in at every inlet and small village to make inquiries.

Finally, they found it... though only by good luck. The tide was low when they reached the spot, or it would have been entirely hidden under the waves. The entire deposit measures only 50 yards by 30 yards, and is, to date, the only spot it has been found.

Much of the better material has been worked out in the past 8 years, and what is now coming out is not the same quality.

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