Handblown glass. A real work of glass blowers art. Truly wonderful.

Made in Poland-The Artist KOMOSJA -The American importer was Kurt S. Adler inc.

Date around the late 1990's (1996)?

What a beautiful, ugly, ornament, very large at 6 and 1/4 in length and 3 at the widest part.

Light pink face and hands with a large rosy wart on her nose. Orange hair. sweeping back in the brisk Halloween night air, as she zooms on her way to do diabolical things with eyes of newt and spiders legs. YUCK!.

She rides the heights on her yellow corn broom, an evil shadow across the moon!

Her bright blue skirts flapping, showing her white petticoat and bright red stockings. Her hat and coat are purple, a bright blue scalloped collar edged in gold encases her throat the collar edged in gold glitter. band and witchy hat brim are out lined in gold glitter.

She has black shoes puritan style with buckles. Just the thing in ancient Salem wtchwear. Her purple hat has a gold band outlined in gold glitter, as is the hat brim T is a red buckle on her hat band. also glittering.

Who knows what tricks she is up to in the cold dark night. Whatever it is she will do it in style! I will pack her well so she arrives safely to haunt you! BOOOOO!

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