POLTERGEIST Ryan in Living Room Bi-Location Ball #1 1981 Storyboard, Film Frames

Vintage 1981 Copy - 'Poltergeist' Visual Effects Storyboard
Corresponding Vista-Vision Reference Clip
Shot BL 4
Storyboard: 8 1/2" x 11" 3 hold punched copy dated September 1981 for crew use while creating the film's visual effects at Industrial Light + Magic. Storyboards were made by adding an original drawing to a copy of a template with the information for the particular shot (as known) filled in. The storyboard was then copied via a very controlled and limited edition into working storyboard sets for the crew. Often shot details and their storyboards were updated during the course of the film's post-production and visual effects production.
Film Frames: 3 frames of Vista-Vision workprint for this shot, trimmed to fit into the camera's viewfinder as reference for photographing the effects elements. Note the clip has 2 tears as shown.
Shot BL 4 (Bi-Location) shows Ryan looking up at the ceiling awaiting Ball #1- 'streamers' has been added to the sheet's element list; screen time is a little over one second.
I am a credited crew member on the film and used these in editing the film's visual effects in 1981; upon request, I will include a letter of authenticity with the storyboard and frames.
Will be carefully packed and promptly sent worldwide to the winning bidder; auction has no reserve
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