Polycrase Uranium Thorium Mineral Ore Trout Crk Pass CO

Polycrase Black Uranium Rare Earth Glass
A Great Sample
Polycrase Natural Black Glass Mineral Sample
Polycrase Black Uranium Thorium Glass has Rare Earth Elements in it. It shows really nice black glass morphology. This Polycrase is from a deposit near Trout Creek Pass East of Buena Vista in the Colorado Rockies. The deposit is in the Pegmatite area w Feldspar mining went on in the past.
This sample weighs in at 36.4 grams. 60 KCPM TA NaI(Tl) Scintillometer
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Fluorescent Minerals are a wonderful addition to the Scientific Products I sell. This Willemite has the most brilliant Greenish Fluorescence when illuminated with Short Wave Ultraviolet Light. Study of Geological Ores and Minerals that Fluoresce can be an insight into the way that electron transitions occur in materials with optical properties. Besides Radioactive materials discussed below, these Fluorescent Minerals have their uses in Scientific Study and in producing beautiful Artwork.
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