If you want a SHOW QUALITY super set of Kelsey-Hayes Pontiac 8 Lug wheels and drums for your car, you have found them. Beautifully done by hand, with all the care that our own "car family" can give. Those who have seen these in person are amazed at the condition, and the usual comment is, simply, "WOW !" . These drums are impressive.

No need for you to search for all the used parts you need that may be damaged and that have nicks on the fins, surfaces dinged and dented, or corroded. No schlepping around to get the drums turned, fin surfaces brought up to prime, and getting the mechanical work done right. We have taken a nice set of basic parts and brought them up to A+ condition. You can install these one day, and exhibit at the the car show the next. A truly outstanding set. Check out our video on the start of the test drive.

You get a ready to go refurbished 1963 and up set of Kelsey-Hayes 8 lug rims and drums for your Pontiac, which were road tested and run on our 1961 Pontiac for a few miles to check the parts out. When you get these, just add tires of your choice, pick and purchase the trim ring and hubcap style you want from the Ames catalogue, and install the parts on your Pontiac.

This is what has been done, and what you get -

1- Drums were media blasted inside and out (glass beads and
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