POODLE dog..a great vintage glass intaglio PENDANT Reverse carved and Painted


Beautiful golden POODLE!!!

This pendant features a finely rendered reverse carved and reverse painted intaglio of a wonderful standard POODLE! The vintage glass piece has amazing details, and the colors are beautiful! The colors are uniform and amazing... a beautiful and striking color contrast featuring the golden poodle and a pearly white background. The photo cannot do justice to the details or the gold color used in this poodle pendant. The pendant features a 22mm by 28mm glass piece carved and hand painted in West Germany in the 1940's. It is set in a gold colored, brass, turtle setting, topped with a very pretty pearl pendant bale. This is a rare and great piece. It features a very old vintage glass piece, and makes a wonderful necklace and is a great conversation piece. Perfect for a poodle lover!

These cabochons were sometimes called intaglios, rosettes, reverse crystals or "Cabs". They date back to the 1940's and 1950's and are considered to be extremely rare and highly collectible. These "cabs" or cabochons contain intaglio images or scenes. Each piece was hand painted into a reverse carved image. These amazing pieces of art were first manufactured during the Victorian era. Because they are so tiny and intricate it is difficult to manufacture them today. Current high manufacturing
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