9 Pool CUE Lathe COLLET Set Delrin SHAFT Joint & Butt

Cue Making / Repair Collets White Delrin 12mm 12.25mm 12.50mm 12.75mm 13mm 13.25mm 13.50mm1 Joint Collet .850" and 1 butt Collet 1.250" This auction is for a Set of 9 NEW white Delrin Cue Making Collets for the Shaft (Ferrule), joint and butt of the cue (See PICS). ID millimeter sizes 12mm, 12.25mm, 12.50mm, 12.75mm, 13.00mm, 13.25mm and 13.50mm. 1 joint .850" and 1 butt 1.250" . I have other auctions listed for other collets; Joint, Butt and Shafts. Custom collets available, such as Shaft (ferrule or back), Joint, Mid-section or Butt End. PayPal Accepted
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