Pop Will Eat Itself. PWEI. Def Con 1 test pressing etc. Adam Mole caravan fund.

Adam Mole's 'The Mrs. Won't Pay For A Caravan Fund'

Hello and 'welcome to my world'. Every two weeks I plan to auction (via eBay) 'Pop Will Eat Itself' related 'lots' in a quirky, experimental, mildly amusing, most unlikely scheme to raise enough cash to purchase a nice cosy vintage caravan... for myself!

This conceptual extravaganza is also described in glamourous literary fashion at James Brown's 'Sabotage Times' website.


Here for auction is lot ‘PWEI010’.

For me personally this is the first ‘lot’ I am already regretting putting up for sale. I have wrestled with the idea for a week or so but finally came to the conclusion that...I never knew I had half of it...why should I miss it!!!

They will hopefully go to a better home...but they’re great, I love them and I know I will regret it! Look lovely in a frame blah, blah, blah... Two weeks ago I didn’t even know they nestled in my parlour, scullery or outhouse; now it’s the PWEI Holy Grail, more precious than a diamond studded lobster wrapped in fivers.

This is a ‘test pressing’ for the 12” version of ‘Def Con 1’ backed with three atrocious live versions of ‘Inside You’, She’s Surreal’ and ‘Hit the Hi-Tech Groove’. It’s a bit dusty but looks mint, I have
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